Workbook Download

30 day website refresh workbook.

Take your website from messy mishmash to professional website in 30 simple steps.

Your website cheatsheet.

A series of simple step-by-step tasks to help you tame your website and make it more effective.

Building your own website is a fantastic way to reduce your expenses as a small or young business.

But, unless you’ve built your own website before it likely feels like a bit of a mishmash.

It’s potentially riddled with inconsistencies, errors, slow loading images, difficult navigation, broken links, the list goes on and on.


I’m here to help you fix it.

If you slowly but methodically work through this 30 day website refresh guide, you’ll be able to iron out many of those issues.

And, you’ll end up with a website that functions properly, looks great and most importantly does exactly the job it was built for in the first place.